The only tool of its kind in existence..... For Bulgarian AK-74 measurements. Align the front sight, gas block and rear sight on your AK PERFECTLY, every time! Whether you're a pro builder or a home builder, our patented AK Alignment jig is a must. Even works on guns that all the parts are already installed-simply drive out the retaining pins, slap on the AK Alignment Jig, realign the parts that are canted, re-drill and re-pin and you're done! PLEASE NOTE: THE GAS BLOCK SLOT IS A MEDIAN 19.02MM. MOST GAS BLOCKS WILL FIT, SOME WILL NOT, SO YOU MAY NEED TO SAND THE INSIDE OF THE SLOT(NOT SO RECOMMENDED) OR SAND DOWN YOUR GAS BLOCK(RECOMMENDED) A LITTLE BIT. Follow this link to see a quick video on how easy this makes your AK properly aligned.

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AK Alignment Jig-AK74

  • Brand: Requiem Arms
  • Product Code: aaj74
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $59.95